Monday, October 31, 2011

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5 Unique Ways to Go Green for Spring
Get a fresh start for spring and give back to the Earth.

Going green's the latest trend to preserve our Earth's natural state and to reverse the damage that has already occurred. Going green's often easier said than done because no one wants to cause an upheaval in their life by making changes. Luckily, there are 5 unique ways you can go green without causing major disturbances in your life. With Spring just around the corner, what better time to get a fresh start and give back to the Earth than now.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Alyssa's Weekly Wrap Up

Family of missing Glendale girl demands attention
Glendale--The family of the missing 5-year-old Glendale girl, Jahessye Shockley, are planning to march to the Arizona Capital in order to demand attention to the case. The march is intended to get state officials involved in the search effort as the family feels more can be done to find Jahessye.

A child's last wish turns into a childhood cancer support system
Scottsdale-- A Scottsdale family recently unveiled a new website that offers a support system for childhood cancer after losing their own daughter to cancer earlier this year. This newly formed website provides families with the latest cancer information all in once place, which is update every 30 seconds, creating a one-stop resource and support system.

9-year-old's mission to improve a child's time at the hospital
Phoenix-- Valley resident, Emily Fawcett has made it her mission to take the scary out of childhood hospitalizations at only 9-years-old by providing hospitals with toys. Emily became inspired to help children who must stay in the hospital after her own hospitalization when she was 6-years-old.

Just the Innocent Pawns
I don't understand the majority of my generation and their parenting tactics. Those who decide to reproduce, yet don't want to take on the role of actually parenting their children. They aren't willing to sacrifice their previous life to better their self for the sake of their children. As a result, the children end up suffering for their parents' actions because lets face it, in the eyes of many parents my age, their children are just the innocent pawns.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Current Articles for Sale

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Pro Anorexia: Compulsive Eating Disorder Movement
Pro-anorexia (Pro-Ana) is a movement that supports the anorexia nervosa disorder as a lifestyle choice. Online support groups offer tips and advice for those with anorexia to promote rapid weight loss. Serious complications, including death, can result from this lifestyle choice.
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Risks of Teen Body Piercings and Tattoos
Body piercings and tattoos are the latest rage among teens. Teens feel altering their body image allows them to express their individuality and to be accepted among their peers. However, there are physical and psychological risks involved with underage tattoos and piercings.
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Are Children's Vitamins Really Necessary?
Many parents give their child vitamin supplements to ensure their child receives the adequate amount of vitamins they need to grow and develop properly. However, most children don´t need extra vitamins in their diet, and by doing so, the child can be at risk for a vitamin overdose. Certain factors are used to determine whether or not a child needs vitamin supplements.
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Natural Remedies for Common Childhood Rashes
Rashes are common occurrences during childhood. Common childhood rashes can often be treated at home using natural remedies. Childhood rashes that may benefit from home remedies include impetigo and eczema.
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Bee Pollen Health Benefits
Bee pollen health benefits have been used for hundreds of years among Eastern civilizations. Now more commonly used in the United States, bee pollen is claimed to treat and prevent a variety of conditions. However, this natural supplement must be used with caution because side effects and complications can occur.
Word Count: 344
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A Guide to Careers in Medicine: How to Become a Medical Assistant
Becoming a medical assistant provides a stable career with ample salary potential and only requires a short training period. Medical assistants are in high demand and work in a wide variety of environments.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

What Can Social Media Do for Your Business Success?

A strong online presence is essential for a thriving business. Anyone and everyone can be found online, including your customers, investors, clients and competition. Maintaining your online presence through social media outlets will help set your business apart from all of the others by staying connected with those directly surrounding your business. Increasing your online presence allows your business to enter the vast internet world, promoting your business's success.

Benefits of Social Media
The benefits of social media surround the fact that you can connect with an unlimited audience. Plus, you're able to target your audience as well, allowing your business to succeed by connecting with people you may not have met otherwise. You're able to increase your customer and client potential because your business's name and services have the capability to reach a global audience-- if that's what you're striving for. Although social media may seem time consuming and of little value, social medial is a vital marketing tool every business owner needs.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

What Will Increased Online Traffic Do for You?

Increased online traffic offers numerous benefits for companies and writers alike. Increased online traffic increases SERP's ranking, allowing readers and potential customers to find you with ease. This will increase your profit potential and personal growth.

Increased Online Traffic for Writers
Increased online traffic for writers offers numerous benefits. By increasing your online traffic, you will increase your readership. This gets your name and your writing abilities out to a much wider audience. If you earn money for page views, this will increase your income. With an increased online visibility, potential clients are able to find you easier to hire you for your services. An increased online traffic is an essential marketing tool for writers.

Increased Online Traffic for Companies
Increased online traffic is an essential tool for companies as well. Prospective clients are able to find your company easier with proper search engine ranking. By having your company rank on the top ten results page for a search engine, your customer potential sky rockets, increasing your profit and company gain.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Article for Sale- A Guide To Careers in Medicine: How to Become a Medical Assistant

A Guide to Careers in Medicine: How to Become a Medical Assistant
Becoming a medical assistant provides a stable career with ample salary potential and only requires a short training period. Medical assistants are in high demand and work in a wide variety of environments.
Word Count: 731
Usage Rights: $27
Unique Rights: $45
Full Rights: $45

Monday, October 3, 2011

How Can the Benefits of a Press Release Help Your Business?

A press release is a great marketing tool to use no matter how big or small your business may be. The benefits of a press release are numerous, and they add a certain level of credibility to your business. You should use a press release to announce new products or services your business offers. Press release distribution increases your customer and investor potential by reaching a wider audience with the increased publicity. It's a simple tool that will help your business grow.

Here are just a few benefits of a press release:
  1. Increased visibility.-- Press releases are published both online and in print by a number of sources, such as newspapers, blogs, websites and magazines. The number of resources available for press release distribution make it easy to increase your business's visibility with minimal cost. There are many free press release distribution sites that will allow you to get your business out there with little to no cost.
  2. Staying current.-- With the use of a press release, you allow customers and investors to stay up-to-date with the latest news and happenings related to your business. The use of this marketing tool allows your to inform customers and investors on a wide spread level with need-to-know information to help your business grow.
  3. Marketing Campaign.-- Press releases are an essential component to any marketing campaign. A press release is the foundation to your marketing campaign, which can serve as the introduction to the services and products your business offers when reaching out to new customers and investors.
  4. Increased credibility.-- Press releases offer a certain level of increased credibility. It's a professional tool that proves to your customers and investors that you mean business.
Press releases are inexpensive and fairly simple to create but must be written correctly in order to be effective. They are a must have for any business!

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