Monday, May 19, 2014

Benefits of Professional Website Development Services

Website development involves many different aspects to create a well functioning, high ranking, and effective website. Website development goes beyond just your website's design. It also involves well written and optimized content to attract readers and sales, proper navigation and function, mobile optimization, and increasing conversion rates. The benefits of website development are nearly endless, and you can't afford to miss out on any one of the benefits. The best way to achieve the benefits of website development is to hire a professional who specializes in all aspects of website development.

For more than 7 years, I've specialized in a wide selection of website development services to produce the best benefits possible for an effective website. A few of the website development services I offer include:
  • Developing and Maintain Website
  • ALT Tags/Descriptions
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Website Design and Re-design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Internal and External Link Building
  • Website Content and Blogs
  • Fixing Website Errors
  • Static & Dynamic URLs
  • Keyword Research, Density, Placement
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Google Algorithm Recovery
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing Ranking
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Website Customization
  • Decreasing Bounce Rates
  • Increasing Conversions
  • Website Marketing
  • Wordpress, Weebly, and More!
If you're interested in taking your website to the next level for the best benefits possible, contact me today to learn more about my website development services.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Marketing Solutions for SMBs

All SMBs go through growing pains, which are often attributed to the fact their budget just isn't enough to meet the current demands of their company. Often, SMBs become stuck in a rut because business owners want to take their company to the next level; however, the funds for the marketing solutions they need just aren't there. I offer marketing solutions for SMBs that will provide you with the results you want, without charging the enormous rates associated with larger marketing firms.

Supported by more than 7 years in the business, marketing, and writing industries, I understand what it takes to launch SMBs to the next level. With a diversity of marketing solutions available and the knowledge and experience to effectively implement the marketing solutions you need, here are just a few of the benefits you'll receive:

Website Development
As part of my marketing solutions for SMBs, I will help you create or maintain a website for maximum visibility, function, and profit potential. We all know it's important to rank well on Google, and I'll help you achieve a high ranking with search engine optimization. I'll create the quality content you need to attract website visitors, as well as an appealing design and well functioning website. Remaining up-to-date with the latest algorithms, I use white hat SEO to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Digital Marketing
During current times, traditional forms of marketing are fading away, and the new trend of digital marketing is thriving. Whether you need to develop your Google Local page, manage social media campaigns, link building, and even content marketing strategies, I have the experience you need to successfully market your company online. In this day and age, you simply can't afford not to utilize digital marketing.

Professional Business Writing
Many SMBs feel there is no need to hire a professional writer; however, there are many different aspects which involve business writing. No matter if you need website content, blogs, press releases, articles, newsletters, brochures, or other forms of written marketing material, a professional writer will ensure your content is of the highest of quality. Working with both B2B and B2C over the years, I know the ins and outs as to how to properly handle all forms of professional business writing.

The above are just a few of the marketing solutions for SMBs I provide. If you're interested in growing your business or want to know more about the marketing solutions I offer, contact me today.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Professional SEO Writer, Digital Marketer, and Website Developer for Hire

I wake up every morning and do what I love. Writing isn't a job for me. It's in my blood, and it's my passion in life. As a result, I've taken my love for writing and turned it into a career. With 7 years of professional writing experience behind me, I've covered a diversity of topics in numerous formats. I work closely with clients and editors to ensure the assignment guidelines and project details are fully accomplished. I take pride in keeping customer satisfaction my top priority. 

In addition to my writing services, I also offer SEO. We all know that the higher your website ranks, the higher your potential sales, profits, and business leads become. But, achieving that high ranking is easier said than done-- especially with the many Google algorithm updates.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, your website needs quality content to rank well. And, of course, it needs to be well optimized with an appealing design. No matter your business size, I can help you achieve the high ranking you need to succeed.

If you want to expand your reach even further, I provide digital marketing services as well. I will help you get started or maintain your social media accounts. With years of experience, I know the ins and outs of social media marketing to target a direct audience for increased sales and brand identity. Using the latest tips and tools, I will increase your online presence and marketing potential.

My marketing services don't stop with social media. I also offer website development, press releases, blogging, newsletters, and many other forms of marketing solutions for both B2B and B2C.

Need help with your website? I'm experienced with website development, too.  I remain current with the search engine indexing requirements to keep your site ahead of your competition. Plus, I can create a new website design that meets your needs, in addition to developing engaging and properly optimized content to maintain traffic to your site. Not only will I create your website, but aid with maintenance, marketing and more.

If you're interested in any of my services or would like to learn more, please contact me at 928-613-2119 or