Friday, November 20, 2015

How to Use Snapchat for Business Marketing

snapchat for business marketing
In today’s digital world, we have numerous social media outlets at our disposal to use for marketing. Among one of the latest social platforms to gain traction is Snapchat. Snapchat is a messaging app that allows you to share videos and pictures with fun captions or lenses to spice up the visual to send to friends and followers. While many view Snapchat as a trend among teens, it has actually turned into a viable means of marketing for businesses. As the social app continues to gain traction, Snapchat for business marketing is simply a smart choice. 


What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a free mobile messaging application that was launched in September 2011. The app allows you to send videos and images with creative captions to friends and followers. While the app has been largely popular among teens in recent years, Social Times reports that it’s now the fastest growing social network with nearly 100 million active daily users in 2015.

Although I didn’t find the app appealing for personal use, I can certainly see why younger generations flock to it. In fact, 18 percent of social media users are using Snapchat with 400 million “snaps” shared per day. The rise in popularity of the app has now caught the attention of businesses looking for an additional marketing avenue. Although only 1 percent of marketers used Snapchat in 2014, marketing with Snapchat holds great potential.


Why should my Business use Snapchat?

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As with any social platform, Snapchat can strengthen your brand by increasing community engagement and brand awareness through the use of visual marketing campaigns. It’s no secret that customers prefer visuals to written text in today’s world, which is why Snapchat delivers the perfect opportunity to engage with customers through their preferred form of content.

Snapchat has a total of 60 million monthly visitors with 65 percent of daily Snapchat users contributing content. Of the content shared, over 8 photos are shared every second and Snapchat has 6 billion daily video views. This has led to an estimated revenue projection of $50 million for 2015.

The high level of engagement and growth of the app offers the perfect opportunity for companies using Snapchat to reach and engage more customers. With 30 percent of millennial internet users accessing Snapchat regularly, it’s simply a marketing platform you can’t choose NOT to use when marketing your business.


How to use Snapchat for Business Marketing

With 71 percent of Snapchat users under 34 years-of-age and the uniqueness of the sharing methods, many companies simply aren’t sure how to use Snapchat for business marketing. Or, they just aren’t sure whether or not Snapchat will be effective for their targeted customer base.

Most businesses using Snapchat will benefit, despite the age of your customer base. Snapchat reaches roughly 11 percent of the U.S. digital population, which is a pretty huge chunk. With 71 percent of users under the age of 34, 45 percent of users 18- 24 years of age, and 70 percent of users being women, this offers a large playground of opportunity to reach a more specific audience that’s relevant to your business.

Snapchat is an integral platform that must be integrated into marketing campaigns; however, as the platform is a bit unique, your marketing approach must cater to the current trends of the messaging app. There are a number of simple and effective ways you can use Snapchat for marketing:  

Access to Live Events
Snapchat allows you to use real-time social media marketing to provide customers with direct access to live events, such as product launches, trade events, and store sales to offer an authentic view of what’s going on. 

Provide Exclusive Content
Snapchat is a great way to share special content that may not be received on other digital platforms, such as product debuts. This can include behind the scenes pictures and videos featuring how your products are created or special reviews of products. For example, cosmetics company NARS used Snapchat to release a preview of their new collection to only Snapchat users. 

Special Promotions
With Snapchat, you can offer promo codes and discounts to fans who watch your story or share a picture of your product. This has proven to be effective as 58 percent of college students say they would purchase a product from a company that sent a Snapchat coupon. 

Behind the Scenes Glimpse
You can create and engage a strong community following by showcasing company events, such as birthday parties and your company culture with behind the scenes glimpses. For example, introduce new employees or offer quick tips and advice for your products and services to gain more engagement. Simply sharing the life stories related to your business adds a more personal touch to your marketing; thus, promoting the trust your brand earns among customers.


Benefits for Businesses using Snapchat

Snapchat is a growing platform that isn’t going anywhere because people use it and are going to continue to use it. As it takes shape as a new world of advertising, businesses must embrace the new trending way to market. By doing so, you’ll show your customers that you’re the “cool” company, furthering establishing your brand and extending your customer base. With the right content and a strong call-to-action, the sky is the limit when using Snapchat for business marketing.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Breaking the Myths: Press Releases for Your SEO Strategy

press release for SEO
In recent years, press releases were a critical component to marketing strategies, which were mainly published in newspapers. In today's digital world, press releases are now widely used online with 80 million people getting their news online every day. The large amount of internet users offers a huge marketing potential, yet many have come to view press releases as ineffective in today's world. Many just don't see how press releases benefit SEO strategies, so they are often underutilized.

Believe it or not, press releases produce many benefits to SEO strategies-- both indirect and direct. Press releases improve your search engine ranking, while attracting the attention of customers who are ready to buy as you establish yourself as an industry expert through brand awareness.

Press releases are evolving and becoming a common place in an SEO strategy despite the controversy surrounding whether or not they actually aid SEO. I'm here to tell you, yes, press releases will boost your SEO strategy. I've taken the biggest myths about press releases to give you the facts to help you use press releases effectively to positively impact your SEO strategy.

Fact: Press releases build natural links from multiple sources

We all know that getting natural inbound links can be a challenge, but press releases make the task a little easier. With press releases, you don't have to spend quite so much time building links yourself because the production and distribution of a quality press release has the potential to be shared. News sources are always looking to publish new material, causing them to turn to press releases to find newsworthy information. In fact, 64 percent of journalists look on search engines to find news, giving your press release the potential to be picked up by various media outlets. Then, you'll earn links from each reputable site that shares your press release. Yes, this does pose the risk for duplicate content when shared across multiple sites, but you'll still earn link value from high-quality sites sharing your press release.

Myth: Press releases are only shared on low-quality sites

There is some truth to this. It really depends on the distribution outlet you choose for your press release. There are many publishing outlets that distribute press releases-- some of which are low-quality while others are high-quality. When choosing an outlet to distribute your press release, don't cut corners by choosing a low-quality site. Yes, you'll save money but it's better to spend a few extra dollars to publish on a reputable outlet. A reputable outlet will add to the visibility of the press release because it is more likely to be distributed on top search engines, like Google and Bing. In addition to the increased visibility from the search engines, the link from the high-quality site will instantly add value to your SEO strategy.

Fact: Extended opportunities for keyword building and branding

Press releases offer the opportunity to associate your company with relevant keywords related to your brand. However, the keywords can not be the heart of your press release. Instead, focus on creating a top quality, newsworthy press release, then sprinkle in relevant keywords from your keyword strategy.

Myth: Press releases don't have a lot of visibility

Again, there is some truth to this. If you choose a low-quality publishing outlet and don't use relevant keywords, your press release won't bring a high level of visibility. However, choosing a high-quality publishing outlet and using the right keywords offers the potential to increase the visibility of the press release, as well as traffic to your website.

Fact: Press releases build brand awareness

Press releases are a great way to build brand awareness by sharing newsworthy content related to your company. Including your brand name in the press release title will rank your press release higher in search engines when your brand name is searched. This allows you to somewhat control the information that appears on search results, helping your online reputation to build brand awareness.

Myth: Press releases are expensive

Again, that depends. Yes, press releases can be expensive depending on which publishing outlets you use, how many publishing outlets you use, the frequency of publishing and the press release writing fee. However, as with everything, there are many affordable options. For those on a tight budget, there are free distribution outlets, or you can choose to only publish to one outlet to cut costs. I offer customized packages to fit any budget, so you don't have to miss out on a great opportunity when working with a limited budget.

Press releases should be incorporated into your SEO strategy, but they shouldn't be your primary focus. Instead, a press release should act as a support system to help your content marketing, keyword, social media, link building and SEO strategies. Once all of the pieces of the puzzle are together, the combination of efforts will lead to a higher ranking on search engines.

If you need help writing and distributing press releases, I offer affordable press release services to meet any budget. I will write a perfectly crafted press release catering to your SEO strategy while ensuring it's newsworthy and properly formatted for approval on distribution outlets. In addition, I will distribute your press release and market it to allow for maximum visibility.

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