Writer, Author, Journalist, SEO Professional, Online Marketer, and Brand Developer

Alyssa Ast

As soon as I became old enough to hold a pen and form comprehensive sentences, I knew I was put on this planet to be a writer. Over 8 years ago, I took my love for writing and turned it into a career, while raising my four children from our family home in Arizona. Throughout the years, my career has lead me down many different paths, allowing me to develop diverse skill-sets to further my abilities. Over the years, I've not only had the opportunity to work with many amazing people and companies around the world, but become a published author and journalist. In addition, I developed a love for helping small and large business owners further their success by offering SEO, online marketing, and brand development services. As a result, I've been afforded many excellent positions and opportunities, allowing me to expand my reach as a writer.

Published Author 
In 2010, I was fortunate enough to publish my first book, The Fundamentals of SEO for the Average Joe.  I took my love for SEO and turned it into a book to assist business owners with their journey to success. In addition, I've contributed to Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms, The Practical Freelance Writer's Guide to Author Websites, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers and Marketing Yourself and Your Writing Online. My work as an author doesn't stop there as I have many other books underway, which will be released soon.

SEO Professional 
Not only do I love writing, but I love helping businesses succeed in today's world. I love SEO and all it involves. And, I love helping small business as they are the backbone to what makes this country great. My experience in SEO is diverse due to numerous opportunities I've had working with large and small SEO/marketing firms. This has afforded me extensive skills and experience in all aspects of SEO and online marketing.

Online Marketer 
In addition to SEO, I'm also an online marketer. You simply can't have an effective SEO strategy without a strong online marketing campaign. I have experience in everything from content marketing to social media marketing. I strive to develop leads that turn into conversions for maximum ROI. Over the years, my background as a digital marketer has included roles as the Community Relations Manager, project manager, and many other related roles.

Website/Brand Developer 
With SEO and online marketing going hand-in-hand with website and development, I plunged right in. I began building websites, offering custom designs, optimization, and all of the necessary aspects to stay ahead in today's world. Learned exactly what it takes to develop well functioning and appealing websites while building a positive brand awareness.

My true passion is journalism. Previously, I contributed to the local newspaper, the Kingman Daily Miner, as a citizen journalist covering local and state-wide parenting issues and concerns. Periodically, I also write for the Flagstaff Examiner, contributing content regarding parenting teenagers and the Phoenix Women's Examiner, covering important aspects in the lives' of women. My experience as a journalist also lead me to contribute to CBS Local Phoenix, and now I write as an iReporter for CNN.

Freelance Writing 
As a freelance writer, I've covered an array of topics in a number of formats. My past includes topics such as parenting, medical, financial, marketing, travel, business, education, and much more. Not only do I write articles and blogs, but press releases, business material, research projects, and the list continues to go on from there.

My love for writing led me to become the co-founder of Wakening Media, which I started with fellow freelance writer and author Angela Atkinson. Wakening Media consisted of four sites, more than 30 bloggers, and was successful for many years. Although Wakening Media eventually dissipated, the little side project grew tremendously and opened many new doors.

Writing and online marketing aren't just jobs to me. I wake up every day doing what I love.